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Speakers Bureau

Tami Blumenfield, Visiting Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Lewis & Clark College – China
Topics: Media in China, Ethnicity in China, Environmental challenges, Moso people in southwest China – gender egalitarian society

Ronald Loftus, Professor, Willamette – Japan – Topics: Autobiographies and Memoirs by Japanese Women 2. Discovering the Other: The Life and Times of Taoka Reiun

Dale Lugenbehl, Instructor, LCC – Asia – Buddism, Taoism, Buddhist Meditation, and the Relevance of Eastern Spiritual Traditions to Current Problems in the World.

Xiaobo Su, Assistant Professor, UO – China – Topic: China’s Transnational Regionalization

Akiko Walley, Maude I. Kerns Assistant Professor, UO – Japan – Topic: My interest is broad, so I don’t particularly have a list of topics I would like to address. Some of the issues I discussed in recent classroom visits/public lectures include: question of authorial intent in the interpretation of Buddhist art; creation of ritual space through physical handling of Buddhist shrines/reliquaries; text-image collaboration in Edo period luxurious prints; imaginary topography in folding screens, _rakuchu rakugai zu_; challenges and implications of visualizing “divinity” in Buddhist art; global cultural and visual exchange in the 16th century and _nanban_ art.

Cynthia Haruyama, Executive Director, Lan Su Chinese Garden – China – Topic: Translating classical Chinese gardens for 21st century American audiences

Tom DiCorcia, Global Trade Specialist – Japan – Topic: Accessing markets in Asia (Japan, South Korea, China).

Douglas Fix, Professor, Reed – China/Japan – Topic: 19th- and early 20th-century Taiwan history.