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Speakers Bureau

Below is a selected list of Members of the Oregon East Asia Network who can be invited to speak at meetings or conferences. When available, sample video or audio will be provided in the Speakers Bureau.

Laurence Kominz

Laurence Kominz is a Professor of Japanese at Portland State University. Dr. Kominz is a student and performer of nihon buyô and kyôgen, and directs student productions of kyôgen and kabuki. Kominz teaches courses in Japanese language, literature, drama, and film, and he also directs fully realized kyôgen and kabuki plays in English. Most recent among them was The Revenge of the 47 Loyal Samurai in 2016. Dr. Kominz’ most recent book is Mishima on Stage: The Black Lizard and Other Plays.


Xiaobo Su

Xiaobo Su is an Associate Professor of Geography at University of Oregon. Dr. Su specializes in Tourism and cultural politics and transnational regionalization in China and Myanmar.
Topics: China’s Transnational Regionalization


Akiko Walley

Akiko Walley is the Maude I. Kerns Associate Professor of Japanese Art at the University of Oregon. Dr. Walley specializes in Japanese art history.
Topics: Questions of authorial intent in the interpretation of Buddhist art; creation of ritual space through physical handling of Buddhist shrines/reliquaries; text-image collaboration in Edo period luxurious prints; imaginary topography in folding screens, rakuchu rakugai zu; challenges and implications of visualizing “divinity” in Buddhist art; global cultural and visual exchange in the 16th century and nanban art.